Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chinese Brush Painting/ Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Watercolour in sketchbook
This is one of the little self portrait sketches I have been making on a daily basis. I include it here as it's watercolour and I was trying out an unusual technique I discovered. I covered the whole page with a light wash and then drew into it using one of those pencil erasers. This makes a rather nice soft line and I like the idea of drawing with an eraser.

Chinese Brush Painting
Watercolour on Paper
This subject appealed to my perverse sense of humour.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Mixed Fruit

Three Limes in a Bowl
Watercolour on Velin De Lana

Saucer of Fruit on Small Book

Watercolour on gessoed cardboard


I was happy with the lively nature of the second one here. I tryed working on gessoed card which has a quite different feel about it to paper. The paint sits on the surface more and you can wipe it off more easily to correct things.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Persimmon and Other Things

Another mixed bag. I wanted to paint the Persimmon, but I felt frustrated with the watercolour medium. It would be so easy to get what I wanted using oil, but I'm stubborn when I decide I want to learn some new technique so I kept plodding along.

Watercolour on Velin De Lana

The following small sketches on the sample paper were made on the same day as a kind of relief after the failure with the Persimmon. The limes in the bowl reminded me of eggs in a nest. I'm quite pleased with the pencil Eraser.

Limes in Small Black Bowl
Watercolour, ink and pastel on paper

Pencil Eraser

Watercolour and pastel on paper

Two Self Portraits

Ink and pastel on paper

Sold together for $100

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Smooth Banana and Golden Tamarillo

Smooth Banana
Watercolour on Banana Paper
Well I had to didn't I....?
"Come Mister Tally Man
Tally me bananas
Daylight come
and I wanna go home."

Golden Tamarillo
Coloured Pencil on Paper

I've had dozens of coloured pencils in jars on the shelf for about twenty years or more and yesterday I dusted them off and sharpened them up, resulting in this little study.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Lemon in Blue Bowl
watercolour on Arches Paper

Cut Lemon
Watercolour on Strathmore Paper

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hand With Pencil

Hand With Pencil

Charcoal and Watercolour on Sample paper


I feel like I'm going through an odd and restless time with my painting. I don't really know what direction to take. I jump from one thing to another with little concentration. I've been keeping a little sketchbook of daily self portrait drawings and I did some in charcoal. Then I looked at my hand with charcoal on the fingers and wanted to paint that. But it's difficult to do and I ended up with the charcoal pencil stuck in my hand so I thought - thats interesting too. But they are very rough because it's the same hand I'm painting with if that makes sense.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cutting Edge Watercolours

Ladies Shaver
Watercolour on Sample Paper
Blunt Scissors
Watercolour on Sample Paper

Orange Plastic Knife
Watercolour on Sample Paper
Another trio of watercolours quickly executed on various sample papers. It's always a bit hit or miss because I never know how the watercolour will react on the different paper. Everyone is different and these are not specificly made for the watercolour medium. Many of them are unsized and suck the paint up as soon as I touch the paper. Hence the "blunt" scissors. I didn't see any connection between the images until I posted them here and realised they are all cutting implements. I don't know what that says about my unconscious...?