Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Smooth Banana and Golden Tamarillo

Smooth Banana
Watercolour on Banana Paper
Well I had to didn't I....?
"Come Mister Tally Man
Tally me bananas
Daylight come
and I wanna go home."

Golden Tamarillo
Coloured Pencil on Paper

I've had dozens of coloured pencils in jars on the shelf for about twenty years or more and yesterday I dusted them off and sharpened them up, resulting in this little study.


  1. These are lovely Paul ... but do you think I can get that tune out of my head nooooo .... day-o, da a a ay -o, daylight come and I wanna go home .. heheh!

  2. Heh! Sorry Heather! As a little kid one of my favourite records my parents had was Harry Belafonte, I listened to it a lot!