Saturday, June 07, 2008

Persimmon and Other Things

Another mixed bag. I wanted to paint the Persimmon, but I felt frustrated with the watercolour medium. It would be so easy to get what I wanted using oil, but I'm stubborn when I decide I want to learn some new technique so I kept plodding along.

Watercolour on Velin De Lana

The following small sketches on the sample paper were made on the same day as a kind of relief after the failure with the Persimmon. The limes in the bowl reminded me of eggs in a nest. I'm quite pleased with the pencil Eraser.

Limes in Small Black Bowl
Watercolour, ink and pastel on paper

Pencil Eraser

Watercolour and pastel on paper

Two Self Portraits

Ink and pastel on paper

Sold together for $100

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  1. I love how the pencil came out (the others too, but the pencil really stood out to me). I hope you keep experimenting with watercolor--looks like you'll create some wonderful work in this medium.