Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Serrated Knife

Serrated Knife
Oil on gessoed board
95x195mm or approx 4x8" give or take 1/4" or so.
This is the knife that cut the orange.
...And this is the house that jack built.
The price on the Orange is now $280. Tommorow it will only be worth $260. Buy now and save! Or something. I'm not really much good at this marketing game.. Funny thing the perceived value of things.
And a confession. The studio photo of the Big Match painting was an April Fool prank that has turned around and burned me..! The painting was in fact one of my miniatures I photoshopped and made to look big. I thought the joke with the Serious Artiste pose with brush and shovel would be a dead giveaway..! Anyway, it did have a serious side to it in that I have been working myself up into painting some of these subjects larger than life and this gave me some idea of how the Big Match concept would look. Thankyou to all the many people who wrote to me about it with kind and enthusiastic comments. It certainly generated some interest anyway! I'd like to think it was the concept that appealed and it's given me the incentive to go ahead with the actual phyisical painting.
Just remember: "In truth, all artists lie".

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