Sunday, April 06, 2008

Knife On A Black Bowl

Knife On A Black Bowl
Oil on gessoed board
244x250mm or approx 9.5x10"

One thing leads to another when you're painting, and a simple subject like this knife will often spawn other ideas and compositions. I often use the blank gessoed boards as backgrounds for the little props and subjects I paint, and I will build ad-hoc structures out of paint tins, buckets, wooden blocks and upturned bowls etc, to elevate the hieght of the little platform in order to get the right eyelevel or to catch the light and shadow a certain way. Simply by juggling the order around I got this arrangment and there was something about the clean harsh glare of the knife cutting into the dark mysterious void of the bowl that spoke to me. Also my gessoed board on the rusty paint tin had a "keeping a tight lid on it" feel.

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