Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Big Match

Here's a slightly larger painting that I have been working on recently. It's called The Big Match. This is a studio shot of the painting in progress with the artiste at work to give a sense of scale. It has been a pleasure to use big brushes for a change!


  1. Paul, it's Joe. You invited Ellen and I into your studio when we stopped to visit for lunch last year. THIS piece is really GREAT. I came over in response to Dale's urging to have a look at your Dutch auctions. Hoping to see you both later this year as our place here is for sale...

  2. Thanks for dropping by Joe. I have to admit that this one was an April Fool joke.. Sorry. I'm glad you like the concept though. I'm fascinated by the way altering scale has such a dramatic effect.

  3. LOL, Paul! That was a good joke on us! It looks so real! And it does look good, so who would have thought...!
    I just laughed and had to share it. I never can think of clever things or remember jokes. But this certainly was a harmless and fun thing.
    The painting is striking in its large size. (Should I call a painting of a match striking! 8>) )

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Good one Paul, you had us all fooled! You are just as talented with virtual painting as you are with the real thing! -Fanny

  5. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Paul, I love your die/dice and the effort that went into it, and I just have to leave a comment in regards to your question "And does God play dice with the Universe or not?" Living her in the USA I'm certain the entire world is aware that our maniac of a president is playing not only dice but roulette with the world. We Americans are so ashamed and embarrassed by this potty mouthed idiot. The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree. On a final note, please do more encaustic. Your burnt match is superb! Brainstormer