Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Corner Still life

Corner Still lifeOil on gessoed board
This one is bigger than the usual paintings I post here. It's got many of the conventional still life elements, including grapes. I kind of zoomed out in my view of it to include the bits of background cardboard props.


  1. This is fabulous Paul, I love the composition and your zoomed out view, it gives the feeling of having had a tiny glimpse in to your studio :)

  2. I like this one too. It's kind of like a glimpse behind the curtain. I Googled a metric conversion page and figured out that 330 mm is a little more than 12 inches. When will New Zealand and the rest of the world get on board with America and start measuring things in inches, feet and yards. I really does make so much more sense! :-)

  3. Paul I love this still life, I like the items you have incuded in it, and the burnt matchstick is a cute touch!

    Re Craig Stephens comment - Craig, NZ used to measure in feet & inches decades ago but they changed to metric because it is SOOO much easier! :-)

  4. You do a wonderful job with arrangement, and your paint/color handling is, as per your usual, on point.

    Great job Paul!

  5. THankyou all for your kind comments on this one. Craig, I love what you're doing at the moment! Not sure I agree with you about the old imperial being easier though! I can never be bothered with all those 'nths of an inch! But I have considered I should perhaps give the dimensions in inches as well to avoid confusion..