Monday, September 11, 2006

Pencil Stub

Pencil Stub
Oil on gessoed board
Sept 10, 06
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I've painted this particular pencil several times now, and it's getting shorter and shorter! I love painting it for no other reason than that it gives me an excuse to use pure unadulterated cadmium yellow deep straight from the tube! My heart beats faster just thinking about it!

When I'm painting a particular subject, I usually start thinking about why I'm painting it. I start to notice that I'm repeating certain compositional formats and I wonder if there is any significance. While painting this pencil I realized that I'd been painting a lot of long horizontal ones with the image four square to the viewer, and I got a sudden flashback to my early schooldays where I remember everything was in neat straight rows and we had to sit at our desks with our hands clasped in front of us and our paper neatly square to the desk with a 3/4 inch margin drawn down the right hand side, and our pencil, neatly placed in horizontal postion above the paper. The interesting thing is that I can't for the life of me recall a single thing I wrote on that paper, other than my name and the date. But I realised that in painting the pencil, I am painting a GOOD pencil. This is a self portrait of me being a Good Boy.


  1. I went to a small private school through the sixties. It was very strict, and being a good boy was high on the curriculum. Nice rendering. I am interested to see the llast painting. How short can you go?

  2. I don't know how much shorter I can go! Someone has pointed out that the margin goes on the left of the page not the right! Shows you what I learned at school! I think I'm slightly dyslexic.