Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Grape

A Grape
oil on gessoed board
Sept, 7 ,06

A grape. I wonder if it's a sweet one or a bitter one...?

To purchase this painting for sixpence click here

I 've had quite a bit of interest in this one - so far the highest offer is one shilling and threepence. I think that just for fun I'll leave it till next sunday sept, 17 12pm NZ time, and the most interesting or original offer in odd currency will get the painting. There must be some gold doubloons around there somewhere...!

Update: I have now been offered a nice $2 Canadian coin with a golden polar bear on it which I'm very tempted by, and , definately winning in the originality and humour stakes, a baby molar tooth with a large filling snatched from the tooth fairy ten years ago.

Sold n for the polar bear

This is one of my "postage stamp" paintings.
I tend to paint these tiny ones when I am lacking in confidence. I don't paint them on scraps or offcuts. I go and cut one of my bigger boards up into small pieces and carefully bevel the edges and round the corners slightly. I paint all the edges when I'm doing the painting so that the painting is a little physical object, rather than just a two dimentional image on the surface.

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