Friday, November 13, 2015

Self Portrait on a Matchbox

Self Portait on a Matchbox
 Oil on  MDF

I see that is almost one whole year since I posted anything here. I have been giving the smaller format paintings a bit of a rest, while I concentrate on some larger scale work.

However this one just popped out the other day and I realised just how much fun and exciting it is to paint on a micro scale! I actually find it liberating rather than limiting and although it is small this is painted very expressively, I feel. 

It is not literally painted on a matchbox, however it is on a piece of MDF of the exact dimensions, including thickness,  of a larger box of New Zealand Beehive Matches Made in Sweden. The moral, if there is one, is don't believe anything you are told at face value....


  1. Are you able to post this? Currently overseas, so would need to get it posted to an NZ address. Cheers.

  2. Yes, posting within NZ no problem. Send me an email to thanks!