Thursday, June 14, 2012

Burnt Match on Lapis Lazuli

Burnt Match on Lapis Lazuli
 Oil on ivory mounted on Rosewood

While I was in london I visited a wonderful art supply shop, Cornelissen's , which has apparently been in buisiness since 1855.  I wanted to get something I couldn't get normally and so I got some genuine lapis lazuli pigment. Lapis lazuli has always been a very rare and expensive pigment and was one of the earliest permament blues that artists could use before they had modern synthetic pigments such as ultramarine. It is a very beautiful and subtle blue and was most often used as a thin glazing colour in draperies and robes. I have heard stories that it was so precious that artists would save the sediment from turpentine they washed their brushes in!  This was my first try out, using it thinly in the background for a match painting on ivory.

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