Sunday, April 01, 2012

Chillie Pepper

Chillie Pepper
Oil on gessoed wood panel

This was painted on a gessoed wooden panel. The genuine gesso made of whiting and rabbitskin glue as apposed to the acrylic gesso.  Normally gesso is too absorbant as a ground for oil colours but I gave it a very thin coat of Golden GAC medium to seal it. It seemed to work very well and I enjoyed painting on it using mongoose and sable brushes. It was one of those peppers on it's way from a green pepper to a red pepper. In fact I noticed the colour changing as I painted it.  They say that all painting is autobiographical.  Perhaps I'm losing my greenness and on my way to being a red hot pepper briefly before the final decay sets in. This one didn't photograph particularly well. The painting looks better.

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