Monday, February 01, 2010

Yellow Pepper Grinder and Red Mug

Yellow Pepper Grinder and Red Mug
Oil on linen on card

I first used this yellow pepper grinder as a subject twenty five years ago. I painted it then much larger than life.  There were a series of them and the largest was about 1500x1200mm.  I guess it has a certain significance for me as it was the last painting I did before leaving home.   I saw the pepper grinder again recently at my parent's house and I thought it would be an interesting subject to revisit.  I reminded my father that he had once thrown it at me across the room in a fit of rage, and he responded by giving me the pepper grinder to take away..!  It's quite a phallic object, (although I would have been mortified to admit that in 1985),  so it's interesting to compare my treatment of it today. The present painting is a tiny 75x65mm..!

Yellow Pepper Grinder
Oil on canvas

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