Sunday, August 09, 2009

Studio Window With View of The Mountain

Studio Window With View of The Mountain
Oil on linen on MDF
A film crew for Sticky Pictures are arriving tomorrow making a documentary for the TVNZ arts show, "The Gravy". It is to feature Mt Taranaki and it's influence on local artists. I've been asked to be involved and it seemed too good an opportunity to let slip by so I've said yes. Our mountain is often hidden behind cloud, but the last few days have been clear blue skies and so yesterday I took the opportunity to paint the view from my studio window. I found it a challenge trying to get the tonal contrasts between the inside and the outside views balanced. Also I was in a bit of a hurry what with fading light, so the perspective is decidedly wonky! But I like the way the mountain is bisected by the sashes of the window panes. One day I may do a larger more resolved version.

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