Saturday, December 06, 2008

Three Nectarines in a Dish

Three Nectarines in a DishOil on gessoed board
It's interesting sometimes, what can be the decided factor for me in choosing a subject to paint. In this case it was the little chink of light in the shadow between the two front nectarines. And the smell. I love the fragrance of nectarines even more than the taste! It took me a while to settle into this painting - I hadn't been feeling very focused for a few days. However, by the end of the afternoon I felt I had got it finished to my satisfaction. Next morning, looking at it with fresh eyes, the dish seemed hopelessly cock-eyed! It's funny how you can be so engrossed in the nuance of colour and tone that you don't even notice when the drawing is out! There was nothing for it really... I had to repaint the dish, and I reworked the forground and shadow too.


  1. Bowls and cups are so simple and ordinary, but can be so hard to render! I think you've captured both the colors and the sweet fragrance of the nectarines.