Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Red Dice

Red Dice Oil on gessoed board
55x58mm or aprox 2.25x2.25"


I know that the singular is properly "die", but I've always called a dice a dice..! Painting this actually caused me more trouble than it was worth. I kept getting a reverse perspective. While painting the shadow I entertained the thought that like a lot of my recent paintings the light source is from an indeterminate point, creating multiple shadows. As well as possibly summing up my uncertain feelings about my life in particular, and Life in general, I guess it also stems from my reading of popular science magazines. I don't read art magazines any more - and when I do it's only for the pictures, ha ha - but I read the New Scientist and I'm fascinated with all the current theories on the so called "uncertainty principle" and subatomic particles and the nature of matter and the quest for a unified theory of Everything. I don't understand a word of it of course, but it does capture my imagination. As an observational artist I love the idea that perhaps things only exist when there is an observer present. And does God play dice with the universe or not..?

On a more prosaic note: My Oranges are only $200 today.

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