Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dead Match and Glass Marble

Dead Match and Glass Marble
Oil on gessoed board
Time lapsed painting demos have become increasingly popular on sites such as YouTube, and a few people have asked if I would consider making one. So here is my first rather crude attempt. I was probably foolish to try such a small painting and it felt rather strange and unnatural with an "eye" looking over my shoulder. The painting took about an hour and the video is edited down to 04:40

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  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    hi paul....just watched this wee film and found it very relaxing and delightful...sitting in my office procrastinating at the long lists of things to do it was just the ticket...i set it to a sound track ('in a manner of speaking' - by nouvelle vague) it was the highlight of my morning! the immortalised fish touched a nerve too...we had a couple of dead fish in our pond this summer...i photographed them for the archives....i would like to come and visit you and dale sometime soon - we are embarking upon a large renovation project and as a reward i would like to buy one or two of your paintings. if i have any money left....hmmmm. all the best, michaela s.