Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dirty Green Frog

Dirty Green Frog
Oil on linen mounted on MDF
I found this little frog on the beach sand dunes by a natural lagoon where I take my daily walk. I have read that there is concern that frogs are dying in record numbers around the world. New Zealand has a "clean green" image, but a large part of that green is due to all the tons of phosphate the farmers dump on the land in order to graze more stock per acre. I saw a recent news artcle where it was reported that there has been an outbreak of cows dying from phosphate poisoning here in Taranaki. It was reported as though this was an unfortunate act of Nature rather than the stupidity and greed of Man.
It occurred to me that I had painted my frog in as though in a desert.


  1. Paul,
    I love the muted green colors and the mummified, prehistoric look of this little fellow. I also really like how the strokes in the background radiate out from(or toward) the subject.
    BTW, my dad got me one of your paintings for my birthday. My sister told him I was a fan of yours. It's one of your rubber-band paintings. I love it! The brushwork is just beautiful in person. Thanks!

  2. Hey thanks Craig! I was pleased you got that painting as it was a favourite of mine. I'm glad you like it.

  3. Fanny9:28 PM

    Oh, btw Paul, il was nitrate poisoning, not phosphate. Yes it is sort of a freak thing of nature. A bit too complicated to explain here, though.
    I like the frog, too!