Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Blue Bottles and a Matchbox

Two Blue Bottles and a Matchbox
Oil on gessoed board
aprox 150x150mm

I aquired two "new" old blue bottles and this is the first painting of them. No doubt they will feature in future compositions! I do like blue glass bottles and always enjoy painting them. I understand that blue bottles were always conventionally used for poison products. They don't have that conotation for me when I paint them.

Just a snippet of news for any local followers of my blog. I will be giving a talk on this painting a day project at the Real Tart Gallery in New Plymouth this evening April 16, at 7 pm. All welcome!


  1. Hope the talk went well - I wish I could have popped down - but a bit too far heheh...
    I will look forward to maybe seeing it YouTube some time...??
    PS: The blue bottles are cool.

  2. Hey Paul,
    This one's a beauty. I always like your match paintings too. Great job on that one.
    I'd come to your talk for sure if I was more local.