Monday, February 19, 2007

Two Cones

Two Cones
Oil on gessoed board

This was unusual for me in that it was painted whilst sitting down! I normally stand to paint at my easel, however I needed a lower viewpoint to get the window sill and pinecone in the right perspective, so I perched on a high stool. It wasn't as uncomfortable as I expected. It's a very small painting. Another "postage stamp from Puniho". The snow has just about all melted from Mt Taranaki now. The idea that I was in fact painting two cones occurred to me. One a dormant volcanic cone, and the other a pinecone. And it also struck me as interesting the way that a pinecone actually mimics the shape and structure of a full grown pinetree. Another play on scale that seems to be a feature of a lot of my work. Pinetrees are also an exotic, (though prolific), tree here in New Zealand.

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