Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Posy of Nasturtium Flowers

Posy of Nasturtium Flowers
Oil on gessoed board
I think I've solved the problem of the flowers moving around. The solution, of course, is simple and obvious. Put them in the vase and leave them alone for a day until they've sorted themselves out! I'd plonked these three into a little eggcup the other day in a somewhat artistic, ie contrived, arrangement. The following day, I noticed that they had reorganised themselves into this nice little phalanx, facing the light. It's interesting and instructive, painting subjects in mini-series like this. In the first Nasturtium painting, the composition reflects the searching and confused aspect of the flowers. The second one, I tryed to pin them down and study them. The third, I gave it away and painted a fallen one. I'm happiest with this last one I think.

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