Monday, December 04, 2006

Raw Egg in Saucer

Raw Egg in SaucerOil on gessoed board
Dec, 3, 4, 06

Some of the painters on The Daily Painters website got fed-up with painting pears and thought it would be a fun idea for everyone to paint an egg. Even though it's not Easter. I've wanted to paint an egg for a while so thought I would have a crack at it. If nothing else it's another good excuse to put down a big dob of cadmium yellow deep. I liked the way the yolk is slightly off-center. Eggcentric even...


  1. This looks so good that I want to stick a fork into it and scramble it up for breakfast! Very, very well done!

  2. Love the reflection on this, and the stark contrasts!

  3. The composition has a really nice design to it. Very simple, but effective like you said.

    Good work!


  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Excellent truly excellent. Very nice painting.