Sunday, December 03, 2006

Midnight Cherries

Midnight Cherries
Oil on gessoed board
December, 1st, 2nd 06

I've been committed to painting some other paintings during the last few days so I've been painting the PAD paintings at night. I don't often paint from life at night as the light is quite different. I enjoy the nightime, when it's quiet and most people are asleep. I put on a CD of Julian Bream playing John Dowland's lute music. Very dark and mysterious music, which seemed to suit this subject and my mood.


  1. I just love this wee one !!!! so reminds me of Xmas.... ummmm.... cheers D :-)

  2. I’ve been visiting various Artist sites asking people if they would like to submit a few images and/or words regarding their individual feelings about the idea of PEACE.

    Then, I’ll build a specific BLOG POST featuring your own thoughts and artwork. Additionally, I’ll include a link back to your original site.

    Thus far, it’s been a slow process…

    Take care…

  3. I have painted a series of cherries and find it interesting how different we are in our view. I paint at night (something about having only my energy around, everyone is silent) and yes, light plays a part in the interpetation however, it is more then that which makes our cherries worlds apart. This reminds me of painting with friends, same subject, and worlds apart on handling. Nice work! Check out my version, Ingrid:

  4. Thanks Peter, I'll have a look!

  5. Thankyou Ingrid. Yes, our treatment of the subject is very different. Not a bad thing though eh? I liked your cherry #5 best.
    CHeers and best wishs with your daliy painting!