Sunday, October 22, 2006

Small Safety Pin

Leonard's contribution

Small Safety PinOil on gessoed board
Oct, 21,06


This one was painted with the help of a rat. I painted it yesterday and left it on the easel. When I came into the studio this morning I found that it had several long diagonal scratch marks across the wet paint. The previous few days I'd noticed that lots of little objects and paintings had been knocked off the shelf and I'd suspected a rat or something had been making nocturnal visits. Why a rat would want to jump on my easel and deface my painting is beyond my comprehension! Praps it is a punk rat with a fetish for safety pins..? Or maybe it's a budding art curator/critic? I have named it Leonard...

Anyway, I had to repaint it today, but I felt I should leave a little of Leonard's handiwork visable. I think it's probably better now than it was..


  1. A fine collaboration. You and Leonard should work together more often. Leonard has a certain freedom to his style. By comparison, your work is very stiff and planned.

    I would buy one of Leonard's.

    Leonard is going to be big in the art world.

    Especially among rats.

  2. ummm... thanks! ..I think. I'll pass on your regards to Leonard!

  3. I do hope you know I was joking. I love your work!

  4. Paul,
    An actual RAT??? Not just a mouse?
    'Scuse me.....eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
    I'm really a 'girly girl' when it comes to rodents of any kind.
    Personally, I'd put out some nice D-Con for Leonard, but maybe you'll just want to capitalize on the novelty of an Artist-Rat.....
    Perhaps you should do a little painting of a jaunty beret of course with a tiny little palette.
    BTW, your artwork the teacup!
    sincerely ,
    Kay Crain

  5. Leonard is definately a rat! I've put poison down so his artistic career is likely to have an untimely end. Maybe his work will go up in value now....