Friday, September 01, 2006

Plum Blossom in Green Bottle

Plum Blossom in Green Bottle
Oil on gessoed board
August 29 - 31, 06
aprox 290x290mm

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This one was a three-dayer. It is the biggest painting I've painted in this series so far. I don't deliberately set out to paint a picture of any particular size, rather I let the subject matter dictate the scale and size of the painting. I originally thought to paint this one on a tall vertical support, closely cropping the blossom branch and the bottle, however I decided that it might be better with a bit more space around it. The branch was a late pruning from the plum tree that overhangs the path to my studio. It was on the ground and I picked it up and put it in water as it looked like it was going to flower.

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