Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Popped Balloon
June 29 and 30th,06.
oil on gessoed board.

Sold n

Looks like the partys over...

This was painted on the gessoed board that the Starling's head was sitting on. I found it difficult to match the day-glow pink colour of the balloon. I tryed all the hot pinks in my arsenal of colours but nothing worked. I ended up grinding up a small amount of Quinacridone Rose and Titanium White pigment which seemed to do the trick. The shadows have a little cobalt and the mid-tones are warmed slightly with a smidgen of raw sienna.I find it interesting that the most joyous colours are also the most unstable and likely to fade. I once wrote this "poem" about it on my studio wall. Apologies to William Blake....!

O Rose! Thou art fugitive,
The ultra-violet violates.
Alizarian Crimson brings me great joy,
But your guaranteed ingriedients,
Dihydro Anthraquinone on Aluminium Hydrate
Ground in highly refined Linseed Oil


Give me Earth Red

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