Sunday, June 04, 2006

TradeMe Cornflake

TradeMe Cornflake
Oil on gessoed board
June 1st, 06

soldThe original cornflake which served as the model for this painting, I won, in New Zealand TradeMe auction number: 56034758. The seller has very graciously allowed me free intellectual copyright to make this painting of one of NZ's greatest icons. I have chosen to paint it exactly as he so carefully packaged and presented it. Here is the original description of the original cornflake as it apeared in the original auction:
"A real collectable. Found down the side of our old tenth hand fridge. In my opinion it must be from a Skippy Cornflake packet from the 70's. It seems to have a crispy dry texture which is quite unique for its age but not surprising due to the preservatives from that decade."
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